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Following the Hornet Way, Every Day

PBIS at Independence Elementary STEM

PBIS is an evidence-based tiered behavior model designed to support students academic, social, and emotional wellbeing. PBIS focuses on explicitly teaching, modeling, and reinforcing our Hornet Way expectations; while at the same time encouraging positive behavior and providing positive learning experiences and restitution when reteaching in necessary. 

PBIS is woven into every aspect of every day at Independence Elementary STEM. Students learn behavior expectations (aligned with the district's Hornet Way behavior philosophy), positive behaviors are enforced through the earning of Hornet Tickets, and extra support is provided to students who need it.

A PBIS team consists of teachers, administrators, and parents who continuously review behavior data and develop procedures and plans to address areas of concern.

Recognized as an Exemplar PBIS School

At the end of the 2023-24 school year, Independence Elementary STEM was recognized statewide for its PBIS efforts, and was one of 87 schools statewide recognized by the Minnesota Department of Education as an exemplar PBIS school. Read the full press release.

students browsing items at the Stinger Store

Students can redeem Hornet Tickets for items in the Stinger Store, which visits classrooms once a month.

student and staff member posing by food display

Hornet Tickets can be used to cash in on an item on the Hornet Menu, such as being a Kitchen Assistant!

student browsing at Buzz's Bookstore

We do weekly Hornet Ticket drawings for prizes. A student favorite is winning a gold coin to purchase a book from Buzz's Bookstore!

police officer with student

Students can redeem Hornet Tickets to have lunch with a teacher, principal, or even a community leader!

Dean of Students Pierce and Principal Deavel with two Indy students

A popular Hornet Ticket item is having the chance to take a ride in the Principal Taxi to lunch!

students and staff member participating in Minute to Win It Oreo Challenge

Hornet Tickets are used to pick participants for Minute to Win it activities during monthly student of the month assemblies!

Principal Deavel loves when students choose to redeem their tickets for the %22Lunch with the Principal%22 prize!

Principal Deavel loves when students choose to redeem their tickets for the "Lunch with the Principal" prize!

hornet logo

PBIS in Action

There are three core components to our PBIS program: Consistent expectations, positive feedback, and student support.

Consistent School-Wide Expectations

Guided by the Hornet Way, we consistently and intentionally teach building wide expectations. This is often done through our morning presentations, so all students & staff understand and hear the same message.

We establish, model, and reinforce these expectations continually throughout the year.

Positive Feedback

We reinforce and show appreciation for students who follow the Hornet Way by handing out Hornet Tickets!

Hornet Tickets can be redeemed for:

  • Items on the Hornet Menu
  • Items from our Stinger Store
  • The chance to participate in "Minute to Win it" activities during monthly school-wide assemblies.
  • Entries into our weekly prize drawings

Student Support Room

Our have structures in place for students who may need additional behavior support. 

If your student needs behavioral or academic support, please contact our Administrative Dean:

Scott Pierce
Administrative Dean, Independence Elementary STEM

What's on the (Hornet) Menu?

When students demonstrate positive behavior, the hornet menu has lots of fun incentives that or students can spend their earned Hornet Tickets on! Some popular items include:

  • A ride in the "Principal Taxi"
  • Lunch with a staff member or community member
  • Extra PE, STEM Lab, or Music Time
  • Principal's Assistant, Kitchen Assistant, or Teacher Helper for the Day
  • Recess Monitor for the Day
  • Sit in the Teacher's Chair
elementary student serving as recess monitor

One of our Junior Recess Monitors!